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        Abelly is the leading aluminum experter for aluminum solution, which has rich experience for aluminum extrusion, aluminum welding, aluminum fabrication, stretch forming etc. our products are popular with different industries. we built aluminum airboat, aluminum boats, aluminum frames, aluminum pallets, aluminum container, aluminum bending parts, aluminum welding parts. 

What Abelly Do

        Aluminum is the popular raw aluminum materials used in different industries, Abelly is the leading experters of aluminum solution, we are specialized in manufacturing different aluminum products fit for different industries.
Specialized in Aluminum Solution
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  • Abelly is the aluminum boat builder which is specialized in aluminum welding, CNC machining, stretch forming etc. abelly boats are popular in the world. 
  • Abelly Manufacture what you design.
  • Aluminum Manual Welding for boats and frames;
    Aluminum CNC Machining;
    Aluminum Stretch forming and bending;

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